"What's the Weather like?" - Live Radar - **Official Thread**


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Aug 17, 2016
This is our official Weather Update Thread.

Below shows a Live Radar of the Cloud Coverage over Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

Bookmark this page for regular reference!

Please feel free to post what the weather is like in your area, and how it is affecting you.
Upload pics, public advisories, hurricane warnings... anything to inform and advise others.


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Independence Day celebrations will be presently postponed in the East as heavy rainfall has started.
Total overcast skies with Thunder, Lightning... the full works.
Looks like the part of the storm heading in our direction is breaking up.

We should still expect significant rainfall though, but I don't think it will cause major problems.
Through the entire night into the morning...
Not a Drop of Rainfall in the East!
The majority of the "storm" has passed us.
Overcast skies presently in the East... but not a drop of Rainfall as yet!
Outside is silent and the weather is hot, even at this hour.
Feels like the calm before the storm lol.
It seems a flash storm just hit us!
Endless flooding in North and Central.
Reports of flooding are confirmed in the following places:
Port of Spain
Grand Bazaar
St Helena
Madras Road
Las Lomas
Pt Lisas
Claxton Bay...
The weather was very bad today mainly affecting the north and south areas. I head there was a group of firemen who got electrical shock trying to assist stranded passengers. I hope everyone is safe and sound in their homes .
Blue Cracking Lightning every 5 seconds in the east!

It's like a freak storm!

What really going on ? What's with all this lighting and thunder. It appears the next few days will be Rainy.

The "Bypass Connector Road" in Caroni, is presently about 3 feet under water!

(This is the road the joins the Caroni South Bank Road of Kelly Village/St Helena to Piarco and it runs next to the foot of the runway at the Airport)

Over a dozen vehicles are presently stranded in the middle of the flooded road.

It is almost impossible to gauge the depth of the water since their are no street lights in this area. Drivers would have attempted to pass without knowing the danger.

Not a Police or Fire Service was in site. Even though the police station was walking distance away.

Dozens of families are stranded because their vehicles are either stuck in the water or stalled because their engine has failed due water getting into their exhaust pipe.

Many of the vehicles that made it through the flood, we're at the side of the road, stalled.
I saw women scooping cups of water out of their cars while the men try to get their engines started.

Many of these people are potential victims of crime as they are stranded in a pitch black dark flooded area with no protective services around.

I couldn't take any pictures, as the area was so dark.

Is this what our government is providing for us, the citizens?

Is this what we have to pay Property Tax for?

Is this the "performance" of the Local Government?

Even the Airport Runway is flooded because of his water!