What Kind of Phone Do You Have?


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True Apple devices have high resale and high demand too. Every iOS device I've ever tried to sell has sold itself more or less.
the nexus devices was announced yesterday and I must say the 5x has my interest a lot lol for a android device and the price is great
LG just launched a phone a few hours ago their flagship phablet must say I'm impressed lol and not a fan of android wear but like how LG designs there own
Personally I do own a Smart Watch 2 by Sony. Compared to the LG, the LG is just that much more refined and useful. They do the watch thing really well but it does come at a pretty steep price for someone whose not sold totally by Android Wear yet.
all android wear are generally in the same ball park the cheapest ones i have seen and their the lastest from the company was the asus zen watch them
Is. 2016 almost lol think is time for me to get a new temp phone hopefully 2015 phones start to go dog cheap now lmao