What Kind of Phone Do You Have?


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Nov 10, 2014
What kind of phone do you have and what are the pros and cons of it?

I'm currently using a Nokia Asha 302 because my previous phone broke and my toddler is the reincarnation of Kratos. The upsides to this phone:

1. It's unbreakable (so far)
2. toddler-proof
3. pocket size and fits in my wallet too
4. can make and receive calls and texts
5. can store contacts
6. can be locked
7. apparently also waterproof
8. Battery lasts for weeks if you use it for the bare minimum
9. Music plays and sorts really, really well. Can possibly be used solely as a music player.
10. The keyboard makes texting a breeze.
11. Has a stopwatch, timer, calculator, notes, voice recorder, alarm clock, calendar, and to-do list.

The downsides:

1. Internet usage drains the battery in no time (runs the possibility of dying within the first two hours of use) so it's best not to try.
2. No touch screen.
3. The Nokia Store can be problematic in general and any updates usually crash or freeze the phone.
4. The camera takes a very long time to start up, then take the picture, then clear the screen for the next shot. It's best you don't use it for the camera (which wouldn't be half bad apart from that).
5. If you don't check messages (doesn't matter if it's voicemail or text) it keeps popping back up and drains your battery.
6. Seemingly unbreakable but not scratch-proof.
7. My toddler can unlock it.
8. Unbreakable in the sense that the screen and keys won't smash to bits, but the battery cover and battery have been known to fly across the room when it comes crashing down. Works like normal when put back together though.
9. Using any apps on it at all is such a pain it's better not to.
10. As it gets older the speakers are going through and vibration can barely be felt (it will be 2 yrs old next month).
I'm using a Galaxy S4 i337. Using it until my LG E970 Optimus G's parts arrive next week.

Pros: Great backup phone
Good screen size
Decent form factor, slim enough to fit in tight pockets easy enough
Very popular so easy to find accessories and parts for.
Plans to update to the newest Android by manufacturer
Has multi-colour notification LED on front.
I'm not the owner, good chance to experience a crowd popular "Samsung"

Not a very good performer for specs compared to rivals
Required extra work after purchase by owner to perform at its optimum.
Camera is over exposed.
Don't like having a physical home button.
Not friendly to customized software being an AT&T version.
Miss my LG terribly.
Galaxy Note 2 N7100 running Android Revolution HD 31.0 rom, Samsung based.

Can't complain, save for battery life somewhat. An incoming battery will determine what is gong on.
Using it until my LG E970 Optimus G's parts arrive next week.

Miss my LG terribly.

My previous/currently comatose phone was the same LG. Nothing can truly replace it!
I own a Sony Xperia Z2 D6503 in black
so let me share my experience thus far

i bought the phone without warranty, upon purchase i turned it on (with the screen protection film on it still) and everything was working 100%. everything looked fine , digitizer was working perfectly i fell in love instantly

when i got home, i took off the film, opened a pack of screen protectors (spigen crystal protectors that i purchased with the phone) and i applied it (phone was off)

when i powered up the phone, i noticed a bright green pixel in the black screen of the sony start up, i got worried immediately , its a single pixel, thats just green right below the middle of the screen and a bit to the left.

i put the brightness on high and thats when i realised it was a dead pixel (or stuck pixel) and i began to panic, so i messaged the person who i bought it from, to see if they knew about it, and /or if they could give me advice about remedying the situation , but they said as the phone was purchased without warranty, i could not replace it with another unit.

so i did some research, and i ran a dead pixel corrector, which didnt work, but it did dim the pixel, its barely noticeable any more ( i have severe OCD when it comes to electronic things, im paranoid about my phones, and laptops and other devices! ) this is the only reason why i know its there

i asked my friends whether they saw a dead pixel or not and they thought i was going crazy, but i know its there its just there haunting me every time i turn on the screen. personally i hate to have any defects with any of my devices, i just go crazy if something happens, you cant imagine how i feel every time i turn on the screen, its like im being teased every single time!

after spending $4040 on the phone (without warranty) , charging dock, Spigen air cushion ultra hybrid case and a pack of Spigen crystal screen protectors, i was extremely disappointed

if only i had removed the film before i went home i would have noticed it. :x :cry: :cry: :cry:


The Sony Xperia Z2 D6503

The Sony xperia Z2 is just an absolute joy to own. The very first thing you notice about the phone, is the phenomenal beauty of the phone, the simplistic design, slate black face (excluding the sony logo) , the heavy contrasts of the aluminium metal to the black. Its simply breath taking at first sight.
Sony used only the most premium of materials in the construction of the Z2, the Aluminium frame is light , but still sturdy, the subtle colours of the black version cascade onto the aluminium chassis which just makes it look balanced all around. The front and back of the phone feature Tempered Glass which just wraps up and captures the beauty of the phone all around. The colour of the unit i have is universally the Black version

However, its not really a black colour, its more of a grey-blue colour which to be honest is better than the black that i thought it was. The phone encompasses the essence of Sony and their Progress!

i honestly sat for 15 minutes just admiring the phone, as it was placed on the charging dock. its just something to look at. (that moment when the phone is sexier than the owner :/)

The Screen:

The screen of the Xperia Z2 is vivid, lively, colourful , and really awe-inspiring. The 1080P resolution of the screen is better than any 1080P phone that i have experienced thus far, even better than my G2 that i owned not to long ago. The colour reproduction is close to the true values of the colour, which really does show how sony considers their phone line. The phone almost seems over saturated like an amoled display but with use, the phone's screen became as close to reality as possible

The disappointment came when i found the unit i purchased faulty with a single green dead pixel just below the middle of the screen (these things really do bother me, it may not be noticeable to you but to me its a huge deal and my OCD is acting up just thinking about it)

the touch is responsive most surprisingly and is instantaneous. However another disappointment came when typing quite quickly, i have very large hands, and i noticed when typing quickly when you tap the screen it sounds like your tapping an aquarium glass, it worries me a bit but i slow down right after.

i would rate the screen 8/10 (because of my unit {10/10 with a perfect screen} )

Processing Package

The Xperia Z2 comes with a Snapdragon 801 2.3ghz processor (Cpu) with the Adreno 330 Gpu and 3gigs of RAM.

to me this combination was sufficient for the most demanding tasks any android could handle.
on the G2 i had previously i had a Snapdragon 800 with the 330 Adreno and 2 gigs of RAM, and that managed any game i could download, any app process, any benchmarking app ,and still wouldnt break a sweat.
the Z2 is even more capable because of the Sony Xperia Timescape UI

User Interface
The Xperia Z2 runs the Android 4.4.2 "KitKat" operating system with Sony's custom launcher with some notable applications additions, such as Sony's media applications (Walkman, Album and Videos)
The timescape UI is really just Stock android with some small Sony implementations. The UI is very aesthetically pleasing, nice to use, fluid , easy to understand and use, and most importantly its light.

The processing package that came with this phone , coupled with the light, non demanding UI with Sony optimizations really just put this phone over the top for me over the G3 and S5 , the performance is better IMO.

Disappointments came with the degree of minimalism of the phone, some of the basic pinch to access the slideshow where you can share or delete was not included, i found myself doing alot of things manually, but with proper setting up, the phone can be as easy to use as any LG or Samsung.


There is no introduction needed to express the level of quality in the camera. The Z2's camera is just mind bogglingly fast, efficient, CLEAN , feature packed, and easy to use. The quality of the pictures are amazing, the large 1/2.3" 20.7 megapixel camera with Sony's in-house G lens with Sony BIONZ for mobile image processor and Exmor RS for mobile image sensor is just a perfect camera combination for this phone. The camera is capable of HDR and 4K video recording , which just make the experience even better.

some of the features are yet to be fine tuned by myself, as i am only using the phone for 3 days.

i honestly can't express how pleased i am with the degree of quality of DAYLIGHT pictures.

Disappointments came in the night where shots began to turn grainy and with alot of noise, to counteract this , the superior auto mode had to be turned off and the camera settings set in just a way for the night photos to come out good.

other disappointments came when trying to access higher quality images , but yet still use the feature packed camera interface! at 8MP all features are available , however , at 15.5 and 20.7 MP there are only limited amounts of features that can be used.

nevertheless at 8mp , the quality of pics, as well as the processing of the imagine is just perfect! Better than any camera ive owned

Battery Life

The battery life on the phone is Yet to be desired! The phone lasts only a day with minimal use out of the 3200mAH battery, wifi off , gps off, data off etc. I honestly thought i had a problem with the battery as well, however after extensive research it was determined that the phone's battery needs to be calibrated by atleast a week of use from the new user. After this week of use, i will review the battery life!


The Xperia Z2 speakers are truly by far some of the greatest phone speakers i've ever had the pleasure to listen to! they are honestly that good! the quality of tones , the deep bass that it achieves, the treble and highs it could achieve , it really does the job extremely well. the speakers themselves actually get really loud, but not at all harsh! on full volume when blasting Pehla Nasha or teri meri meri teri prem kahani hai mushkil the phone reverberates throughout the song. it really has a rich tone to it , and certainly is better than the loud harsh speakers of my G2

NOTE - housed within the top speaker, is the sexiest thing ever, the NOTIFICATION LIGHT is housed in the middle of the top speaker, and the light runs through at least 3/4 of the speaker , which makes the illumination just a fun thing to stare at and enjoy!


the Z2 is awesome. it really just screams Sony's Elegance, refinement, style and Class most importantly. Its not a showy phone packed with a bunch of features that i will never use, its not a phone what has insanely thin screen, its not a phone that is made for every and everyone.

It is a phone that defines Build quality, premium materials , careful decisions with design , it is a phone that is made for people that hold high standards to their user experience.

It is not a phone.

It is a work of art.

Living with it for a few months now , and basically i have to report about the phone after a few months

-1st the flap that covers the charging port has become extremely loose now, falls out in my pocket, and comes out randomly when the phone is in use i sprayed some WD-40 and that seems to keep it steadily in place in the socket now.

-2nd the phone is very very high maintenance, the constant cleaning of the glass surface gets annoying sometimes when dust accumulates (i clean the phone every single day and night) the lint in your pocket as well as any dust that may get in the speaker housing , as well as the grooves of the screen is really hard to get out,

-3rd the phone has some very uneasy flaws, for example the materials used to make the phone has not been polished, thus whenever im using the phone out of the case, against my face during calls, it pulls my beard and sometime scrapes my face, it doesnt really bother me too much but its annoying when it constantly happens.

another flaw is that the phone has a follow point, near the camera , there is a null space between the glass panel and the camera where the hollowness makes a noise whenever the phone is tapped, or just dropped on a surface, it sounds like if the board is loose ,or something in the phone is loose, but apparently its a common issue in the Z2 and all users have this experience.

-4th the phones screen is overly sensitive, sometimes if the phone is in my pocket facing my leg ,and the "double tap to wake phone" is turned on, it constantly turns on and unlocks itself (i have no locks on my phone) and it calls people, turns on data, opens up a whole lot of apps on its own,the screen is quite sensitive (even when i have the settings on low sensitivity , yes theres options to decrease the sensitivity)

this problem has gotten really bad as sometimes when i use the phone, it has phantom actions , where i may be using the phone, and the phone does another action because of the sensitive screen , if your hands are wet, cold , sweaty, or moist, the phone will have problems picking up touch, and when it does , it will have alot of phantom actions being done for instance swiping the screen without touching it, or while typing just hitting random keys (i think its because of the oversensitivity and the ease of electrical conductivity because of the aluminium frame) this happens.

-5th the phone is very hard to keep in your pocket for long periods of time, because of its very angular rectangular shape, it becomes uncomfortable in the pocket for prolonged seating times.

other than those few issues the phone is fantastic, and i dont regret buying it!

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4. Got it as a present for my birthday this August. So far i love it and it does everything for me . I hate how its kinda big that it sometimes slips and fall from my hand. I previously had a Galaxy Ace so owning this phone is a HUGEE UPGRADE!

I love everything except the lock screen issue that it has and sometimes it keeps dropping calls grr

I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4. Got it as a present for my birthday this August. So far i love it and it does everything for me . I hate how its kinda big that it sometimes slips and fall from my hand. I previously had a Galaxy Ace so owning this phone is a HUGEE UPGRADE!

I love everything except the lock screen issue that it has and sometimes it keeps dropping calls grr
S4 isn't big. You probably appreciate the real estate upgrade in screen size from that upgrade :)

How fast does your s4 run?
Blackberry Q5 :/ only smart phone with a keypad. I can't bbm/whatsapp etc on a touch screen
Blackberry Q5 :/ only smart phone with a keypad. I can't bbm/whatsapp etc on a touch screen

This is a problem I have with touch screens too. Typing is so annoying! But I still prefer it to a nokia lol
Can't type on my iPhone 5 (thank god for autocorrect) but the 6 plus will solve all my problems. That battery life just phenomenal

I'm using a 5c for a few days and honestly the keyboard is absolutely terrible. Androids with 2.4" screens lets me type a lot faster.

The 6 plus looks like an ideal option especially for the improvement in keyboard real estate
The iPhone 6 plus is really just a copy of the nexus 4 with a larger screen size

Honestly I can't stand to see apple claim their technology is a breakthrough for goodness sakes
The iPhone 6 plus is really just a copy of the nexus 4 with a larger screen size

Honestly I can't stand to see apple claim their technology is a breakthrough for goodness sakes

LOL apple are no pioneers. They're copiers who thief everyone's innovation and claim it's theirs.
I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I love it! Hoping to upgrade to the Note 4, but the way this phone performs, I can wait! To everyone complaining about typing on a touchscreen, try Swype or Swiftkey. Both are awesome! Swiftkey is free, but Swype is my personal favorite. It'll change the way you type forever! Be sure to take the time to learn it, it's definitely worth it!