Weekend d-i-y projects


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I don't really have any DIYs planned for this weekend, maybe will do a DIY with someone else.
Yeah, I check my fluids once a month but only ever have to top up my windshield fluid reservoir. Hey Anthone when are we getting to see those hoses?
My coolant is due this week/weekend. A tip for anyone who comes across this: the Zerex Asian Formula Coolant is made by the same company who makes the Toyota Super Long Life Pink coolant. Its also much cheaper than the Toyota coolant and works just the same.
So my project thus weekend is to tackle the sweating and leaking hoses on my power steering system. From up by the reservoir to the pump, even the steering gear. Too much oil falling on the steering boot rubber and u don't want it to deteriorate prematurely. Not sure what type of hose I'm going to use as yet but I guess I'll find out
Well I sand down some lights first time attempting it don't have a buffer Lmao but will see how the polish work on it after, hoping it work out well
You need a heavy cutting compound. Try Meguiars Ultimate Compound, that rubs out some pretty bad scratches too.
Ensure you get that specific product. If you have to get a buffer, try sanding up to a higher grit. If you started at say 600, work your way up using the cross hatching technique to 2000-25000 and then try hand rubbing it hard.

I did lights already with 1500 and 2000 before using the no.7 compound that comes as a white paste. It was much harder that way lol.
Lol I used 800 and 1500 that is rell work lights the scratches died down greatly still there but I'm contended for now....Will probably do it next weekend again when I have more time lol
Go up to 2000 by hand and try the compound. Did a few sets like that. it comes back like new and then you'll need to seal it or else it'll oxidize again.

You complaining, I strip powder coating and sand from 100-2000 on 2 16x7 OEM SR5 rims and then polish it lmao.
alya know where does sell them cold air intakes owa???? lol i looking for the front part which connects to the cold air intake filter dont want to buy a whole kit just for it
Latest diy project saw me replacing the bushings on my custom made shift linkage on my car. Turns out the (I beleive) silicone bushes (they were clear) had completely worn out and broke apart as oil and grease seem to have aided in the destruction as well as wear and tear. Seeing that today is Sunday and there was no hope of a parts place being open at that hour I went after then next best rubber solution. A used vacuum hose with no rot. It fit exactly as the bushing but straight through the metal and not just on the ends as the bushes were. So far my gear lever is stiff, gear selection is exact and the drive is much more relaxing than having to hunt gears.
That sounds like a good fix, would be interested to hear how it holds up for you as well.