Weekend d-i-y projects


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May 21, 2014
OK so let me be the first to share my experiences with my car. I have a 1990 ae91 xe corolla with the original 5afe engine and 3 speed lsd transmission. On Friday afternoon I had a very bad issue with my temperature gauge as it was randomly jumping up and down through the scale. So I parked my car at home and left it overnight so that I wouldn't run the risk of overheating. So next morning I took on the task of finding which sensors were bad. In order to do so I first had to remove the distributor to expose the sensors around the thermostat housing. In checking I found that both water temperature sending units had broken. (Will post pics of the sensors that were changed out). the next thing i did was use a degreaser and a small paintbrush to clean up the oil from the area. Then using a 12 socket i removed the first sensor unit and just let the coolant drain out. then i used a long 19 socket to get the other unit out. yes i let my coolant drain out as i had nothing to collect it with. went to the parts place and got both sensors new (sankey is the brand) for around $170 and replaced them even though it was raining. only one problem, i had forgotten to put the washer on the sensor that came off with the 19 socket so i tried to rectify the problem on sunday. my car had only been driven for a bout 10min total since the day before so i got to work on it while it was lukewarm. lo and behold when i was reinstalling the said sensor it broke from heat stress (will show pics). so now i was frantic as it had broken from hand tightening inside the thermostat housing and it was already after 12 sunday so i had very limited options as far as open parts palces. just happend to find ramai's distributors open (closed at 2) and got the new sensor for $130 (yes i had to buy one sensor twice)and so far no leaks and my temp gauge works like new.
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For the weekend I did some small rust treatment. I removed the under engine shield, ground out all the rust using a grinder and repainted it. Then I degreased the front portion of the underbody and sanded and painted some welding joints to the front of the vehicle where rust was forming.
I used RustOLeum flat black ultra cover 2x as my paint of choice since it was only minor rust. Cost: $30 for the can of paint.
I'm hoping the new chain and sprockets for my bike comes in by this weekend so I can change them out. I would post up some pics if anyone interested in that sort of stuff. From the looks of it I'm the only bikeman here.
I'm hoping the new chain and sprockets for my bike comes in by this weekend so I can change them out. I would post up some pics if anyone interested in that sort of stuff. From the looks of it I'm the only bikeman here.

please do. we dont know a lot about bikes for now. lol
Will do. Hopefully I could get some of your guys to give up two of your wheels.
As long as you happy with what you driving Brotherhood. Believe me, sometimes having 4 doors with a/c and music is the way to go.

I would love to get a two wheeler but its just not convincing with the way people drive on the roads here.

Yeah, as sad as it is to say, there is a reason why you don't see a lot of old everyday riders on our roads.
Indeed, there are some reckless bike men though, some of them try to fit between you and the oncoming car at times.

I have no planned weekend DIY projects but I am hoping to rig up my paint brush for long reach and make some more of the Anthone Degreaser by weekend.
Well, my weekend DIY project has been canceled. Got hit by a next bike man today in traffic... yeah.... first time I ever hear about two bikes crashing... and I end up bouncing off of like three cars after the initial impact. The other biker said a man hit him a bad drive and that's what cause it to happen. At least he was cool and reasonable about the whole thing. Made sure I get through with a wrecker and stuff for my bike and we went station and stuff together.
So today was an interesting day. For some time I was unable to fill my gas tank on my car completely as I had a leak. Honestly I thought it to be a leak from the days the car was dropped low. So I finally decided to investigate this situation today.

So I jacked up the back of my car and started to look at the lines leading to the tank for any frayed or broken hoses. To my surprise as I thought there was physical damage to my gas tank, the ventilation hose was kinked, broken and dry rotted. That hose leads from the tank up the fuel filler tube allowing air to escape from the tank which allows it to completely be filled.

So I took a walk out to the parts place and got a foot of hose to replace it. 11 inches would have been an exact fit for length but I didn't mind the extra inch (ladies always say that). This small fix eliminated two things, a constant smell of gas as well as the improper venting of the tank. Went for a spin and noticed also slightly better gas consumption and a smoother idle with the car. Guess it pays to have the fuel system completely sealed off and vented as it was manufactured to be.
Some good info there. I'm fairly certain that hose would be one of the last things anyone would think to check.
So another hose burst on me today. Happens to be one of the coolant hoses I didn't get around to changing yet. Started to swell way beyond the norm and was leaving a spotted water trail. Wasn't the easiest place but it was done. Found a useful tip when dealing with stubborn hoses that won't go on. Use a small amount of transmission fluid on the metal that the hose is supposed to be on and that hose will just slide on with little to no effort. Will show the old hose when I get time
Lol yea thy hose you does have to keep track of lol and touch them to make sure they ain't hard but I'm guessing is one of the lower hoses that burst on you do to the little difficulty
Actually it was a pinhole leak. By the time I tried to take it off it literally ripped apart in my attempts. But when I did see the inside, it was coated in rust and had multiple cracks already through the inner layer and working past the string of the outer layer. So just one more highway sprint and I'd have had to buy an engine. Have to get to the other one. Changed oil and oil pressure sensor today so I decided to check the leak
Hmmm that is pressure. I dislike rubber hoses for that reason, about 2 years ago I serviced a PCV and the hose actually had a crack in it. After I serviced it and put the hose back in, it felt very hard and brittle. Hose ended up getting a pretty lengthy crack. I now try to spray everything with silicone spray since its supposed to be good for the rubber.
lol i normally squeeze the hoses lol a little bit when the engine is cold if the a bit to hard...time to go buy new hoses lol
i dont check that weekly lol like once for the month for me...i know my oil near its time when i hearing my tappets lol