Vehicle Maintenance

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then make it a DIY project. post pics of the process and results as well. we can discuss it and who knows maybe improve on it

I will do exactly that when I get around to it, I have end of semester exams coming up so my time is really limited. I'll try to have it done before new years. Until then I'm experimenting with a Meguiars headlight protectant. So I'll definitely do the write up once I have done it and I'll surely include all the methods I've used over the years.
so how often do we overlook the fact that we need to lubricate our window tracks, door hinges and various other moving parts? what is the best lubricant that you use and have heard of? how often do you tend to these items if at all?
I never knew about the lubrication. How often is it supposed to be done?
I never knew about the lubrication. How often is it supposed to be done?

Not that often, maybe once every few years but it depends on the vehicle and its age too. Sometimes parts may even require fresh regreasing to work well again.
I never knew about the lubrication. How often is it supposed to be done?

Well it depends on the car. But I guess you can get the info from any car and use it as a general guideline. Normally it would be some kind of oil, but silicone spray, penetrating oil, even wd40 would work. All hinges, tracks for Windows, basically all the moving parts on a car that we take for granted that are basically metal on metal or moving against each other. You could do a once a month regimen but we usually wait until it starts to stick or not move at all to wonder if it should be sticking
Thanks for the info, it's very helpful especially with used cars!
next radiator should be in the country by friday and will get around to installing if sometime next week lol :D
Recently did my "100,000km" service. Under bonnet fuel filter, K&N filter clean, MAF O-Ring swap, Serpentine belt, diff and transfer case fluids.

Truck still runs like day 1.
Yea i ha change oil n change radiator guess its a next week affair yes dont have the time these days lol
car ha go by mechanic to reseal the tappet cover gasket seals......hopes he aint kill my pocket lol hahaha
So far there isn't anything on the list perharps checking the U joints for grease.
For the do it yourself-ers. How often do we wish we had some help freeing up some loose nuts and bolts?


My personal choice is crc power lube. Works well as far as my use is concerned. Would recommend it to anyone.
Will have to give this a try next time! I can't tell you how many times all factory bolts and screws get stripped from being seized
One thing I would like to add is that you should always check oil and transmission fluid levels after a service. What I have realised recently is that a lot of mechanics jack up the front of the car to empty your fluids and then fill back up the car while the car is still jacked up. They may do this to avoid having to lower the car until they are completely done with everything. What ends up happening is that they fill it to the required level when the car is up, but when the car comes back down they don't recheck it.

Anyone that knows about filling fluids knows it must be checked while the car is on a level surface to avoid overfilling. So far, every time I have had my car serviced by someone else in the past (about 4 times total tbh) the fluid come back with about half a quart of extra transimission fluid and engine oil. This totally messed up the transmission on my old car (which was also my first car) and caused my headache after headache for over a year.

Just a little FYI for newbies to look out for.
Dude is right, a lot of places do this and it causes problems. Southern Sales especially does it.
yea that is correct some people who know there vehicle should observe how much quarts it takes to reach the level...for example i know my vehicle takes 6 for the tranny any less and i know the mechanic aint do his job properly