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Staff member
Jan 23, 2008
How to Set Your avatar.

1. Login into TriniMotors
2. Go to your User Control panel .
3. Then Click on Edit avatar under settings & options of your control panel page.
4. Upload Your customized avatar.
5 You are all set to use your new avatar.

We would appreciate if you kindly follow a few rules before you set your avatar.

1. Avoid Racism, Nudity, Pornographic, Offensive & Annoying words, Illicit Symbol & Humiliations
on Avatar. Nuisance if found in the avatar will be removed immediately.

2. Size of avatar is limited. So make sure you look to your avatar sizes before
you set them.

3. Any Avatar or Pic that portrays other websites' logo or link are not allowed.

4. TriniMotors Staff reserve the right to remove any Avatar without the
user's notice.

5. Even after requests, if an user continue to break the Avatar rules, the Forum Staffs
reserve the right to remove these privileges from the user, or possibly a ban
(temporary or permanent), depending on how serious the situation is.

Few Preset Limitations & Allowances for Avatar Selection.

Can Upload Custom Avatars Yes
Can Upload Animated Avatar Yes

Custom Avatar Maximum Width (100 pixels)
Custom Avatar Maximum Height (100 pixels)

Custom Avatar Maximum File Size (333333 bytes) / (0.31 MB)

SO enjoy the freedom of your new way of customizing your avatars.
And Wish You all a happy stay in our forum.