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Jun 29, 2008
ok ppl finally the event you've been waiting my manga series STONE CHAPTER 1. sorry for the late post it was to be done but i got a last minute drawing job to design a dry drawing of a graphic wall paper. but its here now so enjoy [youtube]mYnNLxQTsdo[/youtube]
I can't see the full page in the video and my internet slow but it looks good enough but you should clean up the drawing a little at more details in it since its the first Chapter.
ok ppl thanks to all of you who read and liked my manga. now to those of you who are wondering about part 2 i have finished it this week and plan to post it this week or next week. i got some editing to do on dem pics so plz stay tuned for STONE PART 2!!!
thats right RauCous, you know it. now before i post part 2 1st i wanna let you all know that i improved this one to be easier read than the first on so no need to go full screen and 2nd sorry for d late post ... AGAIN... our net did break down the week i promised to post it. :mad: any way my net is back so sit back relax and enjoy "STONE CHAPTER 2 (DIFFERENT FACE SAME STONE SKIN" [youtube]zLzRjoISktU[/youtube]
ok well ppl concerning stone i've been kinda busy and other times i complrtely forgot but i finished drawing it out... in pencil anyway still have to ink it over in pen though. what goes on is the both sides good and bad explain d situation and mission. so when i post it you'll see the main concept. cant wait to post it
i honestly thought disco was going to be the bad guy when the stone dude found him.. but the ending was like "huh?" already lol that was scary
he was pretending to be a statue LOL and he was a surprised to see the he guy talking to him lol
plenty ppl find that funny with d statues funny. but i'd never taught some one would taught he would be the bad guy. well ok i should have sorta seen dat comin cuz he wuz robbing a museum. lol
hey ppl i just taught of something that may be fun and i'm considering u fellow spicers in on it. for chapter 3 im gonna have it with voice actors in it. if you guys are interested in it and u have a mic and a computer that can record let me know these are the availables roles>>>> russel disco, shaquile, kapuzi, jonnie, dinnia, dason, janmarie, viki (shes a menator soldier who has a huge crush on kapuzi), diann (jonnie's wife), jade (jonnie's daughter) and i'll also need someone who can do a big dog bark impression. you guys tell me what you wanna do and i'll give you further instructions from there
yeah so wot role/roles u interested in i already spoke to a padna from work interested in jonnie but he aint confirmed as yet
really u know friday i went and buy a brand nu headset and mike in 1 and it recording nice i cant wait to finish ink to start recording, right now i studying to do em in 3 different language. english cuz dais d 1 i born and grow up talking, spanish cuz we have friends who are interested in the story they even spent a few months in trinidad stayed at our place for some days and whatever they like family to me so cuz of dat ah cyar leave dem spanish out and finally japanese cuz is shows like naruto and bleach is what encourage me to do my comics manga style so i including them on board as well. so dais d three language i recording in. i eh askin those who interested to talkin no foreign language if u doh want but atleast d english.