One Of The Best Need For Speeds

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Nov 13, 2014
Who remembers playing NFS Porsche Unleashed?


Whenever I look at Porsche Unleashed videos I feel very nostalgic to the point where I pull my old disc out and install the game and play it with the G27 racing wheel.

This has to be one of the very best Need For Speed games in history and I would love to see a remake or a sequel to this!
lmao old memories here.........this was a nfs i used to play alot when it was release lmao
i remember this road so good eh ! I loved that version. Especially this one too and the famous soundtrack :p

Honestly I remember from 2 come right up to Underground 2. I enjoyed all of them and every moment of them. Underground 1 was my first intro to car customization in terms of the street racing scene.

(Somebody install Porsche Unleashed on meh computer 15 minutes after I post the video) :car:
lol im waiting for the latest nfs as it looks to be bringing back the underground part of customization which had made nfs really popular lol
Yeah I was watching that too... I will eventually get around to it whenever I get a ps4 or rebuild another PC(not sure to happen).

To be honest, I really enjoying Porsche Unleashed, the game actually has body roll and if you do nonsense your car's weight will shift and you will spin out... You can even feel the difference between the 356 1300cc and 356 A Speedster 1600cc. Its no sim but its not bad at all.
What i also loved was the vibration on the controls for the PS2 that gave the game some life.
I also liked how customization was a huge part of the games which interested me alot . Glad to see its making a comeback
I always played them on PC. The only NFS I own for PS is NFS 3 for PS1, NFS 6, Most wanted, Carbon and Pro Street on ps2. All the rest I have for PC.

Customization is what really made NFS I find. Although Rockstar really hurt a lot of people when they discontinued Midnight Club though.. Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix easily stood up to Underground / Underground 2 and even had more content. I played that game for days on end in the years gone by and I still haven't finished it up to now.
hard luck dey people been sweating some hard NFSU2 lol take up more time than i thought lol
True, Need For Speed is a great way to get introduced into the car modding scene but the older ones that included customization more or less.
Most Wanted was epic. Loved the story behind it too. I beat the game, deleted the memory and started over again. Loved Underground II for the night time settings, depth in customization and because it had the Skyline R34 GTR.
MW is still is a benchmark as far as a lot of ppl concerned. It was way way better than the newer one.
im looking forward to the one next month customizations are back in a big load lol sweat going and be intense i hope lol
nah need for speed is bleh ha other games on another level lol just depends on what genre you like lol
Grim I was referring to the one currently in production. From what I've seen it looks like it will be a much needed spin of some rear wheels in the franchise.