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So I seeing a lot off accidents lately and was like really why people still speeding etc when rain falling eareatic and heavy
Boy grim, doh make joke, when rain fall the driving does get worse. I see men pelting it down d highway 120+ with Bridgestone Dueler 840s on in some moderate rain.
Yo people was the plan for tonight...I inside just relaxing these days been boring lol
What really going on in this country people, crime it's so rampant. No one understands the value for life again. Everything is a cuss and fight we don't talk again. School children only studying sex and crime and not their books. This country is a failure.
Well most of the parents not keeping a eye on there children so thy where it begins and all are being influenced on how to make a quick buck with out working
Whats up people its been years, whats good with everyone.
Wow it been years now since I've been here. Things looking good but no so good for the country lol.