Must-Have Phone Apps

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^^^^Personally i think it would not affect it as the app was built to work with the ios system hence find my iphone and prey should not affect one another, but i have never tried prey so i cant give a definite ans....but from what i gathered from what was said above with prey with the getting pics of who ever stole the phone is a nice feature in which apple own built in find my iphone doesn't have
Okay I'm gonna download Find My iPhone tonight and I'll monitor and see if both apps affect each other for a couple days.
Okay I'm gonna download Find My iPhone tonight and I'll monitor and see if both apps affect each other for a couple days.

you dont need to download it unless u have other apple products to keep track of...ill post a pic of what it looks like just now
Just go in the phone settings and click icloud and you should see find my iphone on...just as seen in the pic.......then log into icould from you pc anyday u have free time and you could view where your phone is as well as other features


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Thanks so much! Mine was already turned on and I didn't realize it lol
I definitely won't lol that's a real big help bro! I was totally gonna look to download that lol
You guys should test some of those tracking app! I had Prey for android and its not accurate at all so I'm currently using Android Device Manager, Look Out and Personal Notes (a hidden tracker)

Out of all Look out works best but I have a back up for it just in case it doesnt want to work...
Straying away from tracking apps, has anyone here heard of Appnana? It's an app that you use to download apps from itunes and the playstore, it then gives you points, that you can accumulate and use as currency to get paid apps for free. You can invite friends and use that method to get additional points as well. Check the video below....Please note, because we're in a third world country, our offers and rewards are gonna suck....bleh

^^^^ me i give up on those..i just buy itunes cards and pay for a app i really want lol which is very rare lol....having a US itunes account beside new Zealand is the way the trini version of the store is rell failure
I'd rather test out apps and pay for the full versions than go through all that lol Ditto on the US account!
Yea I'm frustrated as hell with it. Trying for more than a week and I only have 24000 nanas. Totally useless. I used a vpn and was able to trick it for a while, getting 2000, 3000 nanas per app, but it didn't last long...
Lol i would eventually get fedup of that..Plus i love my andriod apps ..Sadly some are not available for iphone users lol. You can also get free online versions as well..

Lookout security - i downloaded it but i never took the time to go thru it .. Will install it tonight and see how it goes
Well guys...don't ask me how it happened but I have over 200 apps now lol Time to concentrate the list. Goodbyes are so hard!
^^^hahaha so much apps wow...i only use like 20 apps.......good luck with the goodbyes lol
Down to like 110 lol did not realize I was this dangerous around technology :O
How do you use 110 apps? I only use about 10 apps or so. I used to dl and play with tons of apps but I realized it just clogged my device and being an android security was most likely compromised... Good days lol.
Here's the most shameful part: I haven't even opened half of them lol When I do have time to check out one, there's another I already opened that's more interesting and gets my attention instead. Also, not a single app was a game app lol (well not for me anyway)