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Cool no problem... You can also invite your friends and family... This is gonna be a big group in the near future i hope... Alot of people buy from me over a daily basis but thats on the road... I have some free time home on mondays and tuesdays so i can make time for the group... Also refridgerators/stoves/freezers etc (larger items) are free delivery to CERTAIN areas... :)
Liked and shared, you should have done this a long time ago.
Lol everyone says that... But the timing is right... Just before eid... Just before divali... Just before christmas... :)
liked and shared! it's good to see someone pursuing and starting up their own business! good luck to you, will definitely check you in the future, I need an upgrade in appliances
Just posted up some bedsheets and stuff... Keep checking... Lasko fans and other household items coming soon....