GTA V Maxed on PC

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Nov 13, 2014
What are your thoughts about GTA V on PC?
Are the graphics worth the wait? Is the FPS view worth it? I'd like to hear your opinion.

Looks good. The system that running it would be very nice to have. That alone you using until PS5 or PS6 come out. I wonder how much more will gaming graphics advance before it stops. If we look back to the 90's we could see games were like movies for the "real" look.

As for GTA in general, they need to do something new. I don't like the characters in GTA 5 as much as Tommy from VC and CJ from SA. Rockstar tried, but failed [as least for me]. GTA getting like sports games and COD , the same thing over and over just with a few improvements every other game. Just before they're bankrupt they will do a total reboot of GTA SA+VC with PS4 graphics and an even larger open world.

Dunno where that came from, GTA V is one of the most sold games. It has an excellent rating from the majority of people. Not saying you're wrong because you have a point but I don't think this is what is going to send them bankrupt. I also do not agree, GTA V introduced a lot of new concepts vs COD which is dragging on an old story and pretty much old physics. MW2 was the best COD, GTA V is the best GTA as in newest technology, biggest map, physics, graphics, everything.
From the screens I've seen from you, this video does not do justice to the graphics what so ever.