Green Dot Trinidad and Tobago?

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Staff member
Jan 23, 2008
Guys i'm currently with Blink and ever since they changed from their wimax to the 4g lite box its a set of problems and they are fully aware of it. Blink is doing nothing to fix this problem and i'm totally fedup.

So i'm looking to change ISP and i'm looking at Green Dot, the only problem is that they are very expensive but if their service is good price is not a problem. I would like to know if any one has any experiences with them so i can make a better decision.

Here are their rates.

TT $148.35 per month
(Vat Incl.)
General web browsing, e-mailing and social media activities.​

TT $228.85 per month
(Vat Incl.)
Extensive web browsing, heavy social media activities, light video chatting and light file uploading and downloading.​

TT $343.85 per month
(Vat Incl.)
Extensive web browsing, heavy social media activities, peer-to-peer gaming, heavy video chatting, file uploading and downloading and media (video and audio) streaming.​

Friend of mine had green dot a few years back and complained that they were slow. That was about 4 years ago so I don't know how they are now. Flow not available in your area?
Nope, living in tabaquite man things hard up here. It's only Blink and green dot I believe. Thanks for the review.
Well other than speed I have heard less reliability complaints about them when compared to blink so it should be a step up.