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New Member
May 13, 2014
I always hear about drags in Camden ..Can someone tell me what days they usually have it ?? Would like to take a drive a day and see what all the talk is about
i am! definitely want to go see what ram and sons pulling, and the 280c wagon that broke its diff because of too much torque! thats something i cant miss again!
Most definitely I will be at the drag event this weekend. It's like a flurry of emotion, drags, rallies and drag and wind all happening this weekend. Next week is Wallers. Batteries charged, camera in hand it's sweet sweet weekend !
Now that's a different story.

The accidents that occurred where purely Co incidental as the participants of the races were all briefed on safety.

And the matter of the highway, now yes I won't deny that there are people who race on the highway, and it is wrong.

But most of the "illegal" night drags occur between the hours of 12-3am when people are less likely to be on the road.
Yeah i am also want to go to these drags to see it because its really have a great fun and crowd of people come to see that.Its my favorite and also i done dragging.