Can't open front doors!

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New Member
May 28, 2014
Ok so I have a Suzuki Baleno, and the front driver's side door can't open from the outside. A clip by the handle is broken. I've looked all over, can't find it anywhere. Yesterday, the same thing happened to my front passenger side door....I'm pretty much screwed. Now when I go out, I have to leave a back door open. Any suggestions?
U was looking for the clip or the whole Handel?
Yea may be the actual handel but before buying a new one just verify that is the problem
Remove the car hostelry and check to make sure that all the metal and plastic clips in the right then you for sure know that's the problem
Happen in our old l200 some time back where a metal piece just jump out of place
Thanks for the advice Sonygoup. I checked it and the handle was broken, I swapped both sides and now they're working fine!
May be because they are stuck with the elbow sort of thing that moves with the doors. I guess you should check this thing out or else seeing a mechanic would be working for you because such things are normal to be happen.