Bmobile Store At Price Plaza (r. Khan Trading & Co)

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Jan 23, 2008
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On the 8th January i went to the BMOBILE store at Price Plaza Chaguanas to purchase a HUAWEI Internet Box. After providing them with my account number and ID number they told me they have 1 more in stock however, it was reserved for a customer the day before but the customer never collected the box. The made a call to find out the status of the reservation and proceed to tell me that the box was available for purchase, however, it takes a very long time to get approval for the box approx. a few hours. I said no problem i would wait around but i had some errands to run. They told me to leave my contact number with them and they will call as soon as they have received the approval so i can return before they close at 5:30PM. We did not receive any calls and called them to find out an update on the approval. They said i needed a utility bill to move forward with the transaction and that i will need to bring it with me. When i arrived at the store approx. 5PM the woman whom i dealt with was hiding at the back of the store. Another rep. came to speak with us and told us they sold the box to another customer.

I was frustrated by this time and confused as to how they can sell a box that was sent to approval for me! I asked the rep for a proper explanation because this is utter madness! I provided all my information and even called and no one bothered to tell me the box was sold! If i knew, i would of taken my business elsewhere and furthermore they didn't even tell me upfront that i needed a utility bill although i have a current account with bmobile.

When the rep went to the back to ask the lady why she sold the box to another customer that was meant for me she proceeded to talk loudly in an aggressive hoggish manner and said nobody have time to call or speak with me and she already sold the box and we need to come back another day when they have.

She started to ramble other unnecessary stuff to dismiss us.
Apparently she is the owner of the store.
In this day and age this is the kind of customer service they would give people? Worst customer service ever and will never patronize at this establishment again. Their attitude and how they treat customers says alot. If you do not want bad service please do not go here.