Blatant Prostitution On Newspapers Classifieds

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^^^^dat dont stop lol even if the media know lol......have a certain place i know and many other people know of this same establishment was busted many times lol and it still runs like normal
Yeah I doh expect it to stop, its too many of them who know the ins and outs to stop it totally. It can be reduced though.
It could be significantly reduced if they made a serious effort. I agree with the quick media coverage though. The problem is on one hand, you want the media to hold their tongue for a moment while on the other hand you don't want to give the protective services any sort of control over media coverage.
Lol something that running since Egyptian Times or even before..could be reduced but not stopped lol
i watched a documentary and instantly remembered this post. It was about drugs and prostitution in America . One of the methods the police uses is ads in the newspapers and online sites among other methods. They say it is crucial in sifting out these criminals since they have no other public way of advertising. Why don't trinidad take note hmph
hahahahahah trinidad does folow america but sometimes they leave the good things yes and hence why i does say failure thing with them