Best Tablet?

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Jun 9, 2008
Hey guys i am on the market for a new tablet, however ,i am having some doubts about Samsung Galaxy Tab as many have been complaining these days.

I am looking for a tablet that i can carry around, maybe put a sim card later on when i need internet, to read epub format novels and browze apps. Maybe andriod oh and a good camera !

Can someone give me a recommendation ?
Maybe the HTC Nexus 9
IPad Air/Mini
Sony xperia Z series tablet
Galaxy Tab S is very decent despite Samsung giving some trouble.
Tablet space has been look down by apple.....I only buy apple products for tablets.....but the Nexus 9 looks good that i wanted to test it out lol samsung overprice for a not so smooth experience on some of them...
so if you buying apple get one of the air series
Android what nirtime said with the HTC Nexus 9 on top the list
Once it comes to tablet I only buy Apple. For cell phones thats another story.

In my experience of having two android tablets from two different brands and generations and hearing other people's stories as well, it seems Android tablets suffer some terrible performance issues. That is what ultimately made me switch to Apple for tablets.

I have no experience what so ever with the new HTC Nexus 9 but knowing HTC I won't be surprised if it ran just like the cell phones.
I have read the reviews and it sounds great , however a little pricey for me to afford at the moment. :( :Cry:

Anything around 100-186 US with passable features?
In that price range i think it would be one of the samsung galaxy tab 4 or a nexus 7.....the nexus 7 is a bit outdated now abd i had issues doing repairs on it so id stay clear of that one.....
I've repaired 2013 FHD Nexus 7 with no problems during and after. Quite an easy one to repair.

I do not recommend Tab 4 as it lacks proper hardware vs the N7. I've used both and my personal choice goes to the Nexus 7 FHD.
I've repaired 2013 FHD Nexus 7 with no problems during and after. Quite an easy one to repair.

I do not recommend Tab 4 as it lacks proper hardware vs the N7. I've used both and my personal choice goes to the Nexus 7 FHD.

im talking about the screen as a heat gun is required.....but yea the N7 beats the tab
Its a screen I changed self. its definitely glued to the midframe. I broke out the glass around the top, bottom and one side and opened it like a book being careful not to damage the midframe. Made the job simple.

The rest of glass I just heated and removed with a flat blade. I would do it again if necessary lol.
thank you. i will start doing my research from tonight. My bro has the samsung galaxy tab 4 and it gives too much problems and he bought it directly from the firm. My other friend has one and she too gets problems from time to time. Will tell you guys what i think
nexus 7 is great not going it shocked me the 1st time i played with it even if it was for 5mins lol
It still surprises me when I play it. used a one running Lollipop the other day, still retains its performance. owner said camera quality improved since the update as well.

tab4 is terrible. I used one for a while and its laggy and slow like older Android tablets. Shortly after I stopped using it Samsung updated it with tons and tons and tons of their crap. from some Samsung store to all sorts of crap that you cannot remove without rooting android. It further reduced the performance and the owner sold it not too long after.
So far the Nexus 7 when i searched it and the Dell i think. One of my family member had a dell and i was quite surprised on the performance and speed. The camera quality was okay though.

I think i will go with the nexus 7 because it has great reviews. What about the Kindle ? Have anyone had experience with it ?
Amazon's Kindle runs a heavily restricted version of Android called Fire OS. I almost bought a Fire phone once before I realized it could not access the Playstore out of the box and do all the other things I've preferred Android for.

You're mainly restricted to Amazon's flavour if you go with the Kindle series.
^^yea i and all avoid that the os not to my liking....if your a person who shops alot on amazon thy the only benefit for such devices in my book lol