Anyone Still Attend Car Shows?

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Jun 9, 2008
I remember long ago anytime it had a car show, everyone used to be hyped and the place used to be packed. There used to be promotions all over the radio and television, however, i am hardly seeing them being advertised now.

My question is : Do you still attend car shows or sound offs? Do you think the crowd has gotten smaller over the years? If yes, Do you think a rise in technology and internet has caused this downfall?
I've never attended a car show. I think having everything readily available online i.e. pics, vids, written details etc makes me comfortable with that and I don't feel like I'm missing anything (minus the crowd and noise which I'm glad to miss out on lol)
I think car shows are very much active and alive for the crowd that is into it.

Pics and videos and details could never reproduce the feeling most avid car show and audio fanatics experience when at a place where their work is put on display to be judged by others like themselves and the general crowd.

My personal views will be left out for good reason but I do not feel technology had ruined car shows but merely led to their mutation. If anything technology has helped them to become more innovative and help new people learn and experience the events.
there's not many exciting car shows again these days, mostly these days there are small sound offs and car displays where there's like 10 cars for the maximum.

as Roach said, MK finals are the all and ball car show to attend! one of the best in recent years!
Maybe someone can do a little coverage next time they go so others (like me lol!) can see. TriniMotors event coverage!
In my opinion the crowd isn't as big as long ago. Long ago many used to go car shows just to see people with the latest auto styles , music and audio technology. Now, with amazon, ebay, skyboxes and many local business imports, the stuff is affordable and we can see reviews from the comfort of our homes from the net.
I think these are the crowds that have been dwindling these past few years. What i see now in car shows are crews and teams that gather and support each other as they take part in the competitions. Others are the mostly youths who have attended to show off their customize rides.

I was speaking with one of the sponsors today and they told me that more people have taken towards car rallies and drag racing recently. This also might have something to do with new racing strips approval in Camden and Wallerfield and for car rallies : Saith Park Chaguanas, Caroni Flyover, Preysal & South Areas.
I haven't been to many car shows, but I really don't like them. All that I've been to has had fights and controversy. I rather stay away!
Yup i have been to those long ago that had fights and man with all them people, cars were damaged too. I mainly used to go to the ones in Chaguanas and National Stadium
The internet killed the car show? Thats the gist I'm getting from the thread. If so, yes I agree to an extent.
Lol same here ..just like the internet killed television. We watch the shows that is broadcasted on the television through the internet .
Yeah i am in the habit to attend car shows because i am car lover and other than this i got a lot of information from these car events and knew about the new models.
Yeah i am in the habit to attend car shows because i am car lover and other than this i got a lot of information from these car events and knew about the new models.

What do you think has changed about car shows from then to now?
I have not attended a car show since i was about 10 i lost interest cause im not seeing anything new or maybe as im tired of seeing civics with big chrome rims n a paint me a car show is something should be like a bonding of a owner and their vehicle....not big rims and paint job thats probably why i like to see more like porche and Ferrari and even those old vintage cars that were restored
Its also depend upon the business but i am a mechanic by profession so it my profession to attend these car show for the information and also for the chill.