Action Cam with Good Night Vision

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The Dude

New Member
Jul 5, 2015
Just wondering if any of you guys have any idea of an action cam with good night vision. Right now I have the GoPro Hero 3 and the night vision on that is barely passable. I used it to film the video I posted in the motorcycle forum. It was set on 1080P at 30FPS and scaled down to 720P after editing and is still pretty crappy.
The most I can really say is consider adding a speed light to the go pro. I am not too familiar with action cams though.
I read that some people brighten and sharpen their image while editing the video. I think I'll try that next time.
Thinking of buying one of these cool little cameras and I'm undecided as to which one. I like Image Stabilization on the Sony. Multi-purpose use is made possible with modern NV security cameras, binoculars, riflescopes and other night vision optics like these goggles that I've been using for a year by now. However, many pieces of night vision equipment and gadgets are quite expensive, does this NV technology add that much up to the cost?
Given that it's relatively new to the consumer market it seems to me, yes it will be that much more costly until its been milked for all the profit it offers.