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  1. RauCous

    Ever heard of AFC In Port Of Spain?

    LOL i see FC and I think football club :Blink: lol, AFC lol we don't know what the A mean??
  2. RauCous

    Any idea on how to solve crime?

    State of emergency going on in my area :P
  3. RauCous

    Harry's Waterpark closed for illegal wasa connection

    Somebody say that is some other water park people pay off wasa to close of harry's, i dunno but people always have some kinda conspiracy for thing yes.
  4. RauCous

    I'm afraid for my country...

    I don't want it to turn like what happening in England... :icon_sad:
  5. RauCous

    Baby Dies In Cesspit

    :( ugggghhh
  6. RauCous

    ian alleyne is getting full of himself?

    I think he going mad a little bit, but only because of the influence he has .
  7. RauCous

    World's Most Worthless Money

    We could start in the Caribbean I think guyanese currency is less than ours..
  8. RauCous

    Zelda Four Swords - A link to the past

    Wow :) Thanks dey :) I know some people who would like this.
  9. RauCous

    Rebecca Black- Friday!

    I bet you know this song... if you don't you're late lolz CD2LRROpph0 so is it really as bad as some people say? :rolleyes: She doesn't care, this made her famous and probably a quite richer.
  10. RauCous

    Renako Morton Must Never Play Again For Trinidad and Tobago

    Re: Renako Morton Must Never Play Again For Trinidad and Tob He and another player ducked a cricket match to go smoke weed! .. with two "female "friends". :Blink:
  11. RauCous


    Wow now i know where not to go! And they does have some nice deals sometimes, but this just poor from them.
  12. RauCous

    Huge 8.9 earthquake in Japan. and Tsunami

    bbc: ... aphics_nag
  13. RauCous

    Huge 8.9 earthquake in Japan. and Tsunami

    After the huge earthquake in Japan these countries are under tsunami warning. New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and others. Waves expected over the next few hours, . Coastal South american countries like Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua...
  14. RauCous

    Who winning Groovy soca monarch?

    Benjai is my favorite :D, he song so catchy! and original to, i know kes does be original too... as long as whoever win didn't use old beat-out lines i cool.
  15. RauCous

    Who Will Be 2011 Chutney Soca Monarch King?

    I didint get to see it :/ the papers say *;00 and i was watching all the channels :/ "teach he sister to sing" :signlol:
  16. RauCous

    Earthquake Tomorrow 24th Feb

    LOL i know hear about this an hour a go if he really was that good his track record alone would make everyone in Trinidad and Tobago know. I remember some years back a woman predicted a tusunami, this people like to create false alarms or what...
  17. RauCous

    Police officers striking/sickout

    Re: Police officers striking/sickout Carnival Monday and Tue OMGWTF!! This is madness everybody know carnival does need police on the roads, it'll be chaos out there.. what kinda mad move is that... :/ i mean they could strike if they want... but on carnival law enforcement is crucial.
  18. RauCous

    Police Sickout...

    Is this a good time for this? What is the Government's response? Do police really care about their jobs? O.o From Trinidad Express It's true, I even found this article when looking for the vigilante reports! People are starting to take matters into their own hands, and as much as it is...
  19. RauCous

    ICC World Cup 2011

    Will start ... in three days :Yea:
  20. RauCous

    So i have this old laptop...

    I see people selling electric guitars and ting!