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    2JZ-GTE Engine Tuning Tips

    Toyota 2JZ-GTE Engine Commonly found in: Mk4 Supra and Aristo. Spec: 3ltr 24V straight-six, twin sequential turbos Standard Power: 280-320bhp Potential Power: 1500bhp+ One of the most famous engines in modern engine tuning, it?s well known for a very good reason; it?s astoundingly strong...
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    10 Things You Didn't Know About Toyota

    1. These days Toyota AE86s can sometimes fetch upwards of ?10,000 for an immaculate UK car. Incredible considering that ten years ago you could often pick them up for under ?1000. 2. Toyota were banned from the 1996 WRC for creating an illegal bypass of the inlet air restrictor. It was...
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    Crime Watch Ian Alleyne

    Long ago i used to anticipate crime watch on WINTV as Ian Alleyne used to be a serious man dealing with crime issues in this country. He always had a serious face and was very professional in dealing with the public and issues. NOW ! It's a Jerry Springer show! A laughing show, matter of fact...
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    Car Essentials That You Can't Live Without!

    Tool Box ! Need that ish. i keep a small one with some essentials in my trunk.
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    Bus Rides

    Took the bus and ohh mann was it comfortable. The only thing had me frighten was the joining part in the middle that was making noise. It was a much older bus. However, it was enjoyable. I think next time i will try the normal size ones for phobia reasons LOL
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    Looking for a transmission specialist

    I think the topic was removed. I asked for a good transmission specialist on the previous post and brotherhood hooked us up with Glasses In Longdenville Number and Address.
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    Hydro Drags

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    Devious Thoughts About Bad Drivers

    LOLOL i hate when taxi drivers do this! Man must be feel sick after seeing the dent
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    Diesel Fuel Tank

    Hey guys let's just say i am thinking about installing a large personal outdoor diesel fuel tank for my family. How do i go about doing this? What kind of tank is needed to hold the diesel and where should i store it ? Do i need any special permit for this? How to i fill a tank of that...
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    Reverse Camera Cable

    Hey guys my friend bought a foreign used Tida with a DVD deck. They recently bought a reverse camera to install by her number plates but realized a cable is needed. The space looks similar like the VGA cable but more wider or flatter i think. Anyone has this knowlege of this cable and where can...
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    What's your setup?

    Recently replaced all my originals to Hifonics as they because distorted a little. Sounds nice
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    Vehicle Colour

    Man that looks fresh!
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    REPO TruTV

    Bwahahahahahaha! GO BERNICE GO! Is this real? I doubt someone would survive that fall. I wish i had a friend like Bernice lmao
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    Youtube Channels?

    Bollywood, mann i live for the laughter. Have all these ideas in my head but knowing trini people, them go take it differently lol
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    The Official What Yuh Cooking thread!

    Mom cook crab and dumplings today ! Woohoo
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    Transmission Change

    Thanks Man! Cunupia to Longdenville is not far at all. Will send this info asap
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    2014 Budget Day Wishes

    Hmmm man i don't have any opinions on the budget but i am looking forward to seeing what they come up with
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    Security Officer Behaviour

    Did anything come out of this?
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    Mazda 3 2009 Smiley

    Was taking a look at the RORO interiors . It's a nice specious dash with some nice looking features
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    What's your favorite "runaway" spot?

    Re: What's your favorite Boy i does be preppin' for that night..Sleep late, eat late, relax, play some PS4. I am not married or have kids so it's very easy to just take a sick and do nothing.