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  1. Lorenzo

    Trinidad and Tobago becoming a dictatorship Country?

    We're too lazy to take action and stand up against the gov't and crime. A revolution would be near soon, see how easy it is to spend $100 these days? When that $100 turns into $1000.. No wait, we'll need much worse to stand up. WE outnumber them, don't know what the majority is scared of.
  2. Lorenzo

    Illegal Gun Trade From Venezuela

    Too much corruption to beat, might as well join them and live good.. Yes, live good but not long.
  3. Lorenzo

    Chemical Guys Mr.Pink Car Wash Soap

    Agreed, even without a foam cannon it's a great product. The shine and scent it leaves after using it is a great bonus.
  4. Lorenzo

    Any one here playing Pokemon?

    Looks cool, only one I played recently was Emerald and well, I still need to finish it. I just might catch up on the series/games, watching that since season 1.
  5. Lorenzo

    TV Shows You're Hooked On

    Definitely Game of Thrones. Waiting on the new season next year. Breaking Bad was addicting even though I started to absolutely hate it for a few episodes but after that it went straight back uphill for me.
  6. Lorenzo

    Flow Broadband rant thread

    Yeah, I see it somewhat working better right now. It's a waste to be paying for an unreliable service. Any news on what going on with Blink and their service?
  7. Lorenzo

    Flow Broadband rant thread

    I hope when Cable and Wireless take over they provide a more reliable service. Still not working good, everything loading so slowly.
  8. Lorenzo

    Local Memes and Funny Pictures

    Some will get it, some won't, haha.
  9. Lorenzo

    Flow Broadband rant thread

    For the past 6 days or so I barely even getting a connection from Flow. Technicians are "on their way".
  10. Lorenzo

    Trinidad family gets 418 years in jail in New york

    I like how people like them constantly giving us trinis a bad name. The only news is bad news as they say.
  11. Lorenzo

    What Do You Think About The New Government.

    I'm looking forward to budget day. For me it has been a real life drama series since Jack start exposing everybody.
  12. Lorenzo

    How To Send Credit To A Digicel Phone & Extend Expiry Date

    Didn't know you could do this, thanks! Digicel finally going down if they have to resort to SIM expiry to keep business smooth.
  13. Lorenzo

    Local Memes and Funny Pictures

    I lost it when I read those comments for the first time. Ever since Beyond the Tape start to show I watching it because every episode you learning something new about the law.
  14. Lorenzo

    Elections Is 7th September 2015!

    Even if aliens invaded and pushed us back to a small continent we would still have racism etc. It's a mentality some people refuse to grow out of.
  15. Lorenzo

    Local Memes and Funny Pictures

    The fame doing half the work, if not all most of the time. All they have to hear is "Ian Alleyne looking for you" and people surrendering.