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  1. grimreaper009

    Lazy Mps Gets Raise - Question To All Ministers

    ^^ being a politician is the way to tax breaks plus other perks cant go wrong :/
  2. grimreaper009

    Maxi Taxis some of the nastiness drivers in Trinidad.

    That's the normal thing with them yes rite tru and they vex when u block them off and the funny thing is they never getting caught
  3. grimreaper009

    Trinimotors Bikers Introductions

    That bike looking real best tho.....small world tho for u to come here n meet old n new owner of same bike
  4. grimreaper009

    Offical Talk Yuh Talk Old Talk Thread!

    Well most of the parents not keeping a eye on there children so thy where it begins and all are being influenced on how to make a quick buck with out working
  5. grimreaper009

    Insect Found In Food At Long Du Chinese Restaurant in Longdenville.

    It have some Chinese establishment I hope not like the rest lol but yea that real disgusting now u could have roaches in your kitchen it probably have worst things there too
  6. grimreaper009

    Any one here playing Pokemon?

    They are good games to play in the spare time that not intensive lol
  7. grimreaper009

    Car Safety

    Yea I heard from a mech the Serena can't take much licks that the taxi men want to put on it as it's basically running north south and not cutting off so the cooling system is not that efficient for the type of abuse they put on it.....
  8. grimreaper009

    Any one here playing Pokemon?

    The sun and moon looks very interesting...but haven't played one of those games since fire red/ leaf green if I remember correctly and yes the 3ds is a nice peace of hardware but I didn't keep mines for long as I wasn't getting any new Zelda games for it that was built from scratch with a story
  9. grimreaper009

    The PS4 korner

    For those of you looking for the division try and get it on sale lol I played it and was impressed in the beginning but it not as impressive as I thought it would be for the long run.....I'm yet to play uncharted 4 lol but it will be soon and I have heard great things from it
  10. grimreaper009

    Insect Found In Food At Long Du Chinese Restaurant in Longdenville.

    Posts like that with pics is what makes people get extra cautious out here...I becoming a fan lately of food places where I could manage to see the kitchen from the outside
  11. grimreaper009

    Say Hi and Introduce Yourself

    To all the new people who have arrived here in my absence welcome to the site enjoy and post to your hearts content
  12. grimreaper009

    DIY Cost Effective Indicator LEDs on Side Mirrors

    it doesnt look bad for a cheap job lol
  13. grimreaper009


    lmao when i open a newspapers it unbelievable to some of the stuff that going on in trinidad
  14. grimreaper009

    Sheron's Auto Abuses His Wife For 12 Years

    i seeing something on fb where some officers go transferred because he getting special treatment.......
  15. grimreaper009

    Longtime Items that we loved!

    i havent seen rough a good while lol that used to be the last minute thing to full ur when u ha nothing else in the house lol